Publication Guidelines

Publishing Guidelines – GInI InnovationTalk

Welcome to the GInI InnovationTalk platform – and thank you for your interest in being an author on this platform.

The following are GInI’s guidelines for publishing content on InnovationTalk.


The Purpose of InnovationTalk

The purpose of InnovationTalk is to disseminate leading-edge thought leadership in the field of Innovation – with each item of content reflecting deep critical thought into the realities of organized innovation inside today’s modern business enterprise.


Target Audience for InnovationTalk

The target audience of InnovationTalk are those working in the corporate business environment – senior leaders and executives, directors, managers, and front line staff. Consequently, the flavor of all content published on InnovationTalk should represent a very practical, versus theoretical, perspective on Innovation.


Relevant Topics on InnovationTalk

The central theme of InnovationTalk is Innovation in the context of the modern business enterprise, which is generally manifested in the forms of business innovation, corporate innovation, and strategic innovation.

Topics relevant to this theme include: Innovation / Innovation Leadership / Innovation Governance / Innovation Management / Innovation Practice / Innovation Enablers / Imagination / Creativity / Growth / Strategy / Design / Culture / Future Shaping (including Future Foresight, Strategic Foresight, & Strategic Futuring) / Innovation Investments (including Return on Investments) / Technology (of all types) / Intrapreneurship / Entrepreneurship / Startups / Corporate Venturing / Incubators / Accelerator Programs / Venture Studios / Sustainable Innovation / and others along this same vein.

If in doubt about whether or not a particular topic belongs on InnovationTalk, please email the editors at to inquire about the topic. InnovationTalk’s editors will get back to you quickly with an answer.


Types of Content for InnovationTalk

InnovationTalk is intended for publishing straightforward, concise blog-style articles and related content.
Such content can include text, images, and videos – including embedded podcast & webinar videos.

InnovationTalk is not the place for direct commercial solicitation of one’s offerings.

InnovationTalk is also not the place for academic journal-style papers. Those are best suited for the journals.


Our Expectation of Authors on InnovationTalk

All authors publishing content on InnovationTalk are expected to do two (2) things:

  1. Bring their A game to the table – in terms of the quality, caliber, and depth of critical insight their content reflects; your content really needs to be ‘evergreen’ and on the leading edge of thinking in the topic it addresses.

  2. Exercise the utmost of integrity – in terms of ensuring that all content they publish is original content, of their own thinking and creation, not a replication of someone else’s thinking; plagiarism in any form is not tolerated.


Terms of Publication on InnovationTalk

In order to publish content on InnovationTalk, authors must adhere to the following Terms of Publication. Violation of any of these terms is grounds for being dismissed from InnovationTalk as well as having all your content removed from the platform.

  1. You grant InnovationTalk the right to use your name, likeness, and any biographical and/or contact information you provide to InnovationTalk.

  2. You grant InnovationTalk the right to use any content you publish on InnovationTalk anywhere on the platform and in any of its marketing collateral.

  3. All content you publish on InnovationTalk must represent cutting-edge thought leadership on the topic being addressed. This means your insights must be well-read, well-researched, and well-informed. The editors of InnovationTalk reserve the right to reject any content they believe to be ‘behind the curve’ relative to the cutting edge of thought leadership on that topic.

  4. All content you publish on InnovationTalk must be your own original content. It cannot be a copy of someone else’s content in any form whatsoever. If other’s work is quoted in your content, you must give full attribution to its source.

  5. As the content’s author, you retain full copyright ownership of your content. InnovationTalk takes no ownership stake in your content.

  6. You may publish content on InnovationTalk that is also published elsewhere. InnovationTalk suggests that you consider altering the content’s title and a minimum amount of its material for your own SEO purposes.

  7. You may publish your InnovationTalk content elsewhere as you desire.

  8. All content you publish on InnovationTalk must set out to disseminate leading-edge knowledge about contemporary Innovation practice. In doing this, you may discuss your past and present work activities and the types of work activities that you generally engage in through your vocation, but you may not issue any direct commercial solicitation for business, as InnovationTalk is not a solicitation site.

  9. All content you publish on InnovationTalk must not contain anything, in any form, that would be deemed offensive to a reasonable member of the general public – including anything pornographic or sexually-explicit, anything graphically violent, and anything derogatory toward a political, religious, racial, cultural, or other similar group.

  10. By publishing content on InnovationTalk you indicate your acceptance of – and intent to comply in full with – these Terms of Publication.