Modern Nomad: The Pop-Up House

So, you thought your house has to be grounded in a permanent location? Not so fast. It seems this is just another assumed constraint about to be re-imagined. Introducing the ‘Self-Deploying House’.

“Ten-Fold Engineering, a housing startup based in the UK, has created self-deploying buildings that can pop up in a matter of eight minutes. Owners push a button, and the rooms fold out like an accordion using a counterbalance system.

If an owner wants to move their building, they can push another button to fold it back up. The structures are also lightweight enough to be transported by truck, according to the company.”

102- What is the connection between strategy and humor?

Strategy is the navigation of an organization with the goal to keep it relevant in a rapidly shifting, unpredictable environment. The engine of strategy in innovation, and the fuel for innovation is creativity.  Humor is one of the most important manifestations of creativity.  This is the reason that more and more companies are embracing a culture that encourages laughter and fun.