Corporate Innovation That Works

Among the challenges facing large organizations, building corporate innovation that works might be the most difficult. Shapeshifting by Southern Growth Studio is content that helps drive Insight, Innovation, and Strategy.

Michael Graber, the founder and managing partner of Southern Growth Studio, and Meg Crosby, the founder and managing partner of PeopleCap Advisors talk in this episode about the obstacles and opportunities organizations encounter in driving corporate innovation.

Whether your organization is evaluating how to best deploy corporate venture capital or create truly disruptive innovation, Graber and Crosby emphasize the importance of creating a culture of innovation to do so.

Innovative cultures put people in positions to succeed, provide them the support to do so, and allow for failure. These ideas can often be in conflict with corporate culture.

To talk about how your organization can start creating a culture of innovation, email Josh Roberts.

Innovation is not a linear, analytic process where a business case is built, investments made and products launched. It is a recursive, iterative framework for spending small increments of time and money to learn more and design a solution for a real problem.

Southern Growth Studio is an expert team of innovation practitioners who can guide you through the disruptive process of true, long-term innovation.